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Rashid Khan believes that winning the World Cup would help to lessen the pain caused by the tragedy of the Afghan earthquake

<p>The Afghan cricket team defeated the defending ODI world champions England on Sunday night in Delhi, pulling off one of their greatest victory ever. Afghanistan’s victory was their first in the World Cup since they defeated Scotland in 2015.</p>
<p>The team’s performance, according to star legspinner Rashid Khan, would encourage them to advance in the tournament, and he also stated that Afghanistan will feel confident enough to defeat them at any moment.</p>
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<p>“We’ve won big with this. We haven’t won the World Cup in a very long time. We feel certain that we can defeat any team on any given day thanks to this sort of performance. I believe this victory will fuel our efforts for the remainder of the race. We really believe we can defeat any team, Rashid said to the media after the game.</p>
<p>Over 1,000 people have died and tens of thousands of homes have been destroyed in a series of earthquakes that have hit Afghanistan in the last week.</p>
<p>Rashid has already made the announcement that he would donate his world cup match money to support the relief efforts and recovery efforts in the wake of the natural disaster back home. He is hoping that the recent success of the Afghanistan cricket team would lessen some of the suffering there.</p>
<p>Back home, there will be a large party. They just have cricket to thank for their pleasure and fond memories. We need to defeat England in order for us to advance. They’ll be so happy when they get home. We had an earthquake recently at home. More than 3,000 individuals lost their lives, and almost 2000 homes were completely destroyed. I believe that this triumph will make them smile a little bit and maybe help them to temporarily forget terrible times. said Rashid.</p>
<p>Afghanistan defeated England by a commanding margin of 69 runs after registering a tough total of 284.</p>
<p>Rashid Khan, Mujeeb-ur-Rahman, and Mohmmad Nabi, Afghanistan’s spin three, worked well together to contribute significantly to the historic victory. They shared eight wickets, and Mujeeb was named player of the match for his all-around performance.</p>
<p>The individuals who have been impacted by the earthquake back home, Mujeeb remarked, are the ones to whom I would want to devote this honor. “I could do this as a player and we could do this as a team.”</p>
<p>Mujeeb used 3/51, scoring 28 points off of 16.</p>
<p>In Chennai, Afghanistan will next play New Zealand.</p>
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