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On March 2, singers Anupam Roy and Prashmita Paul will tie the knot

<p>With well-known people getting married in the last few months, like Parambrata Chatterjee and Piya Chakraborty, Sandipta Sen and Soumya Mukherjee, Darshana Banik and Saurav Das, and Kanchan Mullick and Sreemoyee Chattoraj, love is blossoming in the Tollywood industry.</p>
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<p>Renowned Bengali musicians Anupam Roy and Prashmita Paul, who are preparing for their March 2 wedding in Kolkata, have joined the list. The couple has opted for a civil wedding attended just by their immediate family and close friends, rather than a lavish celebration. Even though they work in the same field, Anupam and Prashmita’s romance didn’t really start until a year ago. They both have a similar professional history and are acknowledged for their abilities. For those who don’t know, Anupam was previously married to Piya, who just got married to Parambrata, an actress.</p>
<p>“It is going to be an intimate wedding with just families and close friends on March 2,” Anupam said in an interview with OTT Play. Prashmita said, “None of us wanted a noisy affair. There will be friends and relatives in attendance. There will be visitors from family who don’t reside in Kolkata.</p>
<p>While preparing for their wedding, Prashmita Paul admits that they could come under fire for their decisions. She does, however, emphasize that trolling won’t have any kind of significant effect on them as long as they’re content. Anupam Roy, on the other hand, is as enthusiastic and intent on starting again rather than dwelling on the past. Anupam said, “We know our loved ones will wish us well, and that’s great.”</p>
<p>Anupam Roy previously had two marriages. In 2015, the singer-composer wed Piya Chakraborty after divorcing his first wife. But Anupam and Piya announced their divorce in 2021, ending their six-year relationship, which raised questions about whether a third party was involved in their divorce.</p>
<p>“My separation is the biggest loss in my life,” Anupam said to ETimes in a previous interview on his split from Piya. My friends and parents are here. The greatest loss I have had in my 39 years of life, however, is unquestionably losing the most important person in my life. People began phoning me shortly after the announcement. Nobody anticipated this to occur. I was asked “why” a lot. It was not feasible or viable for me to respond to them. Now that it’s over, I want to go on with my life. I can no longer bear this suffering.”</p>
<p>Following their breakup, Piya was romantically connected to actor Parambrata Chatterjee, with whom she eventually got married in November 2023.</p>
<p>Anupam Roy and Prashmita Paul are being married at a club in south Kolkata. The couple has chosen a registry wedding, which suggests a straightforward and official event among their loved ones.</p>

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