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Sunil Gavaskar wants loyalty for their’money, fame and recognition’, echoing Rohit Sharma’s call for ‘bhookh’

<p>Rohit Sharma’s harsh advice for those hoping to join the Indian Test squad, according to Sunil Gavaskar, was “absolutely right.”</p>
<p>At the news conference held after the game, Rohit said, “Jin logon ko bhookh hai, hum unhi logon ko mauka denge (We will give opportunities to only those who are hungry).”</p>
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<p>“If someone is not hungry, there is no purpose in playing them,” he said.</p>
<p>Gavaskar agreed with Rohit, saying that cricket players should be committed to Indian cricket as it gives them fame, fortune, and reputation.</p>
<p>“He is entirely correct. You look at the ones who want to play Test cricket. I have said this for many years. It’s Indian cricket that has made the players who they are. Indian cricket is solely to blame for their current professional and personal circumstances. It is Indian cricket that has brought them the wealth, notoriety, and reputation they enjoy. Thus, you must have some devotion to Indian cricket, Gavaskar said on Sports Tak.</p>
<p>And if you say, ‘I won’t play, won’t play that,’ and you don’t demonstrate it for whatever reason When Rohit says that those with the drive and the willingness to work hard will have greater possibilities in the future, he is 100% correct. It would benefit Indian cricket if the selectors adopt this mindset. This shouldn’t happen; we’ve seen enough of guys pick and choose,” Gavaskar said.</p>
<p>Gavaskar chastised Indian cricketers for missing domestic matches in order to train for the Indian Premier League, without identifying specific players.</p>
<p>“Perhaps they’ve made the decision not to represent India in Test cricket. As Rohit said, they lack both the skill and the hunger. Which kind of cricket did they not play at home? The Ranji Cup. It’s the extended version including red balls. Thus, you are powerless,” he remarked.</p>
<p>Additionally, Gavaskar asked the BCCI to alter the Indian cricket schedule.</p>
<p>“I propose that BCCI schedule the Ranji season to begin in October and end in December. Next, there are white-ball competitions like as the Syed Mushtaq Ali T20s and the Vijay Hazare Trophy. The players participating in the IPL will also benefit from this exercise. The young players would also be prepared if the Ranji Trophy is staged before December, when India plays Test matches both domestically and internationally, he said.</p>

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