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College of Vet Science wins the overall award in athletics

<p>In the 16th Annual Athletics Meet of Guru Angad Dev Veterinary and Animal Sciences University (GADVASU), which took place on Tuesday at the Punjab Agricultural University campus field here, the students of the College of Veterinary Science, Ludhiana, won the overall trophy. The second place was taken by the College of Veterinary Science, Rampura Phul, Bathinda.</p>
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<p>About 200 students from the university’s campus institutions and those from its affiliated colleges in Kaljharani (Bathinda), Rampura Phul (Bathinda), and Amritsar participated in a variety of track and field sports during the meet, which was officially opened by Dr. Inderjeet Singh, vice-chancellor of GADVASU.</p>
<p>Speaking to the attendees, Dr. Singh said that the institution encourages students to play games as a way to keep them happy and healthy. On behalf of the participants, Dr. Jasmine Kaur Malhi, a senior athlete at GADVASU, took the oath.</p>
<p>International triple jumper Mohinder Singh Gill was the main guest at the prize-giving ceremony.</p>
<p>The ending event was attended by PAU professors and staff, senior retiree alumni, and university faculty. A horse display boosted the concluding event’s oomph.</p>
<p><strong>Gold medallists</strong></p>
<p>Parmod Kumar hurdles 110 meters</p>
<p>Avneet Singh Brar with a javelin throw</p>
<p>5,000-meter race: Sekhon Umeed Singh</p>
<p>Shubham Kapoor in the 200m race</p>
<p>400-meter race: Sekhon Umeed Singh</p>
<p>hurdler Jashanpreet Singh, 400 m</p>
<p>Race: Ramandeep Singh, 800m</p>
<p>Triple leap: Brar Avneet Singh</p>
<p>Sharpshooter Avneet Singh Brar</p>
<p>Purse: Saurav Uppal</p>
<p>Throwing a javelin: Inayat Pathak</p>
<p>Race 1,500 meters: Jasmine Kaur</p>
<p>800-meter event: Jasmine Kaur</p>
<p>Jasjeevan Kaur, 100-meter racer</p>
<p>200-meter event: Anita Sharma</p>
<p>Jasjeevan Kaur in the 400 meters</p>
<p>High-jumping: Kavitha Krishna</p>
<p>Anmol Giri, shot putter</p>
<p>Anmol Giri throws a discus.</p>

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