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“It would burn my hands to flip Rumali Roti,” Siraj recalls of his struggles and his contemplation of quitting cricket

<p>Mohammed Siraj, an Indian bowler, has returned home after a triumphant home Test series against England. India lost by 24 runs at Hyderabad, the home of Siraj, to begin the series, but they recovered to win 4 straight games and take the lead in the World Test Championship (WTC) points standings.</p>
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<p>Siraj wants to spend some time with his friends and family after working hard for over a month before reporting to the Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) training camp for the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2024. He gave the Bcci.tv team a quick tour of Hyderabad before his next job and spoke about his childhood recollections of the place.</p>
<p>“My first idea as soon as I arrive in Hyderabad is to go home and then to Eidgah. I never find tranquility the way I do here, no matter where I travel. This is where I grew up, spent my early years, and now hang around with all of my pals. In the video, Siraj said, “There’s some playtime, some tea, laughter, and small talk.”</p>
<p>Siraj reflected on the struggles he and his late father—a former autorickshaw driver in Hyderabad—had to endure while driving his automobile down memory lane.</p>
<p>“I considered giving myself one extra year in 2019–20. I’m going to permanently quit the game after that,” Siraj said.</p>
<p>“I was employed in the catering industry once. My folks insisted that I go to school. However, I cherished my cricketing career. Back then, our family lived in a leased house, with Dad being the only one with a job. I had a job once. I was thrilled when I received between 100 and 200 rupees, even though I didn’t know anything about it. At home, I used to pay everyone 100–150 rupees, keeping 50 for myself.</p>
<p>“It would burn my hands to flip the rumali roti.” However, that’s OK. I’ve overcome my fair share of obstacles to get here. And as a result of those struggles, I now have tranquility,” Siraj said.</p>
<p>He said, “My father had one autorickshaw and a bike (Platina) that we had to push to get it started.”</p>
<p>Several of Siraj’s close pals also offered their opinions on the players’ ascent. One of them said that the younger generation has found inspiration in the right-arm pacer, as every child aspires to be a bowler like him.</p>
<p>For us, he is the same. In the video, Siraj’s buddy remarked, “He hasn’t changed at all and he treats us the same way despite being an Indian cricket player.</p>
<p>“Watching him play for his nation makes us proud. He is such an inspiration to everyone here. Another acquaintance said, “Every child here aspires to be like Siraj, har ek bacha bolta hai Mohammed Siraj Banna hai.”</p>

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